Flex Physio is one of the Leading Physiotherapy Clinics in Cairns

Discover the physio for you!

At Flex Physio Cairns we are skilled professional physiotherapists who get results.

Our focus is skilled diagnosis, treatment and exercise prescription. We are committed to not just treating your symptoms but addressing the cause of your presentation.

Having provided expert physiotherapy to Cairns locals for over 15 years, you can trust us to treat “Every Body” whether you are a sportsperson, post orthopaedic, spinal, complex shoulder or just want good clinical advice.

Our Classes

Flex Physio offers the only shoulder specific rehabilitation classes in Cairns.

These classes offer rehabilitation for conditions such as post surgical, frozen (adhesive capsulitis), post fracture and rotator cuff dysfunction.

Flex Physio Cairns also offers Aquatic Physiotherapy.